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Interdisciplinary Network of Researchers in Touch

Program detail

Thursday 25th July, 2019

18:00-19:00: Posters & wine in Social Space, A22Posters

Poster boards will be in the Social Space. At some point nearer the Workshop we will arrange posters by theme and allocate numbers. Moderately drinkable University Wine and very drinkable soft drinks will be available.

Presentations in this session

Development of touch

1. The role of affective touch in modulating visual preference to faces in early infancy: A behavioural and psychophysiological investigation (Della Longa L, Carnevali L, Patron E, Farroni T)

2. Impaired proprioceptive sense of hand opening in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Paroli M, Dayananda K, Cornish ET, Jesudason EP, Valyear KF, Watt SJ)

3. Telling right from left: investigating the localization of touch in children (Blöcher N, Ossandón J, Suljić K, Martel M, Heed T & Habets B )

4. The effects of movement cues and hand corporeality in children’s sense of self (Dewe HL, Gottwold J, Bird LA, Cowie D)

16. Force Production during Tactile Exploration in Older and Younger Adults (Loomes A, Roberts R, Allen H, Wing A)

Neural coding of touch

5. Inter-hemispheric advantage in integrating tactile spatiotemporal information across fingers (Arslanova I, Gomi H, Haggard P)

6. Neural correlates of distorted body representations underlying tactile distance perception (Tamè L, Tucciarelli R, Sadibolova R, Sereno MI, Longo MR)

7. Trait sociability modulates cortical responses to affective but not discriminative touch (Haggarty CJ, Malinowski P, McGlone F, Walker SC)

8. Neural correlates of self-directed touch exploration and texture (Jessica Henderson, Andrej Stancak, Timo Giesbrecht, Alan Marshall, Andrew Hopkinson, Nicholas Fallon)

9. Somatosensory resonance paradigm taps into bodily sense of self (Gillmeister, H., Adler, J., Rigato, S.)

10. Skin wetness detection thresholds of the human index fingerpad and their modulation by moisture temperature (Merrick CK, Hignett S, Rosati R, Filingeri, D)

11. High-resolution whole-body mapping of warm and cold thermosensitivity in people with multiple sclerosis (Aikaterini Christogianni, Richard Bibb, Nikos Evangelou, Davide Filingeri )

12. Sensorimotor landscapes on the body: EEG studies of somatosensory processing during planned body-directed movements. (Xavier Job, Silvia Chiesa, Laura Buck, Julia Mayas Arellano & José van Velzen)

Other themes

13. How does the duration and type of embrace influence the pleasantness and sense of agency experienced when hugging? (Dueren AL, Vafeiadou K, Banissy MJ)

14. Anatomical stimuli enhance tactile and visuotactile perception but not the temporal crossmodal congruency effect (Alan O' Dowd, Francesca Sorgini & Fiona N Newell )

15. (Don’t) look over there! Can cueing enhance the filtering of visual distractors when making tactile judgements? (Poole D, Poliakoff E)

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