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Interdisciplinary Network of Researchers in Touch

Program detail

Thursday 25th July, 2019

13:00-14:00: Introduction in Lecture Theatre, A01Introducing the organisers

Organised by Dr Nicholas Paul Holmes, Dr Andrew Bremner, Dr Ellen Poliakoff, Professor Francis McGlone, Dr Hannes Saal, Dr Donna Lloyd

The six organisers of the Workshop will give a very brief introduction to their research on touch.

Presentations in this session

13:00: Introduction to the Workshop; Touch in The HandLab (Holmes NP)

13:12: Introduction; Touch in the Birmingham BabyLab (Bremner AJ)

13:20: Introducing Francis McGlone (McGlone FP)

13:28: Introducing Hannes Saal (Saal HP)

13:36: Introducing Donna Lloyd (Lloyd DM)

13:44: Introducing Touch in the Body Eyes and Movement Lab (Poliakoff E)

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