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Interdisciplinary Network of Researchers in Touch

Program detail

Friday 26th July, 2019

15:00-16:00: Symposium in Lecture Theatre, A01Topics in sensory coding in touch

Organised by Dr Malamati Bitzidou

Following the topic of the Keynote talk, this symposium will focus on the neural coding of touch in the brain. The first talk will focus on whisker-based sequence discrimination in mice (Dr Malamati Bitzidou). Next, Dr Mariangela Panniello will talk about the neural coding principles of sensory perception and learning, presenting data from multiplane 2-photon imaging in somatosensory cortex. In our final talk, Andrea Colins will discuss behavioural adaptation and adaptation in barrel cortex during active sensation, showing data from electrophysiological and 3D imaging recordings.

Presentations in this session

15:00: Participation of cortical areas in whisker-mediated sequence discrimination. (Bitzidou M, Bale MR, Giusto E, Maravall M)

15:15: Neural coding principles of sensory perception and learning revealed by multiplane 2-photon imaging in somatosensory cortex (Panniello M, Zenke F, Rowland JM, Chong E, Kohl MM)

15:30: Adaptation in Barrel cortex during active sensation (Colins A, Loft M, Petersen R)

15:45: Investigating tactile discrimination learning in mice (Pacchiarini N, Honey RC, Fox KD )

15:50: Closing remarks; Prizes! (Holmes NP, Bremner A, Lloyd DM, McGlone F, Poliakoff E, Saal H)

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