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Friday 26th July, 2019

10:15-10:30: Symposium in Lecture Theatre, A01Remapping vs reorganisation: what is the information content in the hand cortex of one-handers?

Muret D, Amoruso E, Makin TR

Hand absence or loss is a key model for studying reorganisation in the human brain. For example, increased bold activity was reported in the missing hand cortex of congenital one-handers during face and feet movements, suggesting a large-scale remapping (Hahamy et al, 2017). However, it is not clear whether this remapping bears any relevance to individuals’ behaviour. To start answering this, we investigated the information content underlying it. We scanned one-handers and two-handed controls, while performing two different movements (i.e., squeezing or pushing an object) with 5 different body-parts. Using RSA, preliminary results in controls reveal that dissimilarities between the two movements (i.e., information content) is available for each body-part within their respective canonical brain area. These preliminary results validate our fMRI paradigm. In addition, despite evidence of remapping being observed in one-handers, no increase in information content was observed, suggesting that reorganisation might not be functionally relevant.

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