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Friday 26th July, 2019

15:15-15:30: Symposium in Lecture Theatre, A01Neural coding principles of sensory perception and learning revealed by multiplane 2-photon imaging in somatosensory cortex

Panniello M, Zenke F, Rowland JM, Chong E, Kohl MM

How neuronal activity in different layers of the neocortex contributes to sensory processing and learning is a fundamental question in neuroscience. We designed a novel 2-photon calcium imaging strategy allowing quasi-simultaneous imaging (30 Hz) of neuronal activity in two planes within layers II, III, and IV of the vibrissal somatosensory cortex (vS1) in head-fixed mice running on a wheel. Animals were trained to perform a whisker-dependent discrimination task while calcium transients were imaged longitudinally throughout the training period. Our preliminary data show that improvement in behavioural performance was associated with higher neuronal selectivity for task-associated stimuli in layer II but not deep layer III. Moreover, our data suggest that high noise correlations for neurons located at the interface between layer II and III are necessary during late but not early stages of learning. Overall, we present a detailed analysis of neuronal dynamics during associative learning, which may anticipate new insights into the specific role of S1 in perception and behaviour.

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