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Interdisciplinary Network of Researchers in Touch

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Thursday 25th July, 2019

18:00-19:00: Posters & wine in Social Space, A22How does the duration and type of embrace influence the pleasantness and sense of agency experienced when hugging?

Dueren AL, Vafeiadou K, Banissy MJ

We investigated the likeability of different embraces (hugs) to assess their practicality in touch research. Furthermore, we assessed the relationship between pleasure of touch and sense of agency (SA). SA describes the feeling of control an individual perceives over her actions (Moore, 2016). Female participants shared six different embraces with a female experimenter while being blindfolded. Embraces varied in duration and type of arm crossing. Participants rated pleasure, arousal and feeling of control over the embraces. Results indicate that longer embraces were perceived as more pleasant and induced a higher feeling of control. Hugging a friend was rated as more pleasant and intense than hugging a stranger. Findings provide insights for interactive touch paradigms.

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