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Funding for the workshop is kindly provided by the Experimental Psychology Society. This funding covers the travel and accommodation of the invited speakers, as well as food and drink during the conference. Attendance at the workshop is free. The evening meal will cost £20.50.

Bursaries available for Early Career Researchers

If you are an Early Career Researcher (PhD student, or a post-doc within 2 years of receiving your PhD), then you can (and should!) apply to the EPS for a Grindley Grant to support your attendance at the Workshop.

Grindley Grants are for up to £500, to cover the costs of attendance of an EPS workshop (like this one): travel by the cheapest convenient means and £60 per day for accommodation costs.

To maximise the chances of being reimbursed, you should also apply for any funds available from your home department, and you will need to be 'sponsored' by an EPS Member. We will create a list of EPS Members at the Workshop who you can ask to be your sponsor.

(Some context: We originally applied for an additional ~£2,500; to cover ECRs' attendance at the workshop. The EPS said that, instead, they will cover these costs, so we strongly encourage every eligible ECR to apply for funding.)