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Interdisciplinary Network of Researchers in Touch

About Research IN Touch

The idea for this network came about in the North of England, around 2018 AD. The UK is very small, but there are lots of somatosensory scientists squeezed into it, especially in the middle, where it gets quite thin: Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, and Sheffield.

A bunch of friends and colleagues from this part of the globe got together to set up a small meeting. We wanted to talk about touch. Touch: A unique sensory system. Not just a 'general' but a special sense. There is so much yet to know about touch, so let's find out some more. Let's support researchers early in their careers who are as fascinated as we are about the somatosensory system. Let's meet. Let's talk. Let's have a cup of coffee and put the somatosensory system to rights.

The aim of the first Research IN Touch workshop was to start a conversation, to support each other in gaining research funding for, experimenting on, and writing about touch. It's open to all; early-career scientists, and those working on the core topic areas were prioritised for the first meeting. These topics were:

Interested in these or other somatosensory topics? Want to come to the next workshop? Want to run a workshop or symposium? Register for the network, then we can talk.