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Interdisciplinary Network of Researchers in Touch


Thursday 25th July, 2019

10:00MeetingECR networking events:

10:00: Welcome! (Holmes NP)
11:30: How a funding panel works (Petersen R)
12:00: ECR Lunch
Social Space, A22
13:00IntroductionIntroducing the organisers: Dr Nicholas Paul Holmes, Dr Andrew Bremner, Dr Ellen Poliakoff, Professor Francis McGlone, Dr Hannes Saal, Dr Donna Lloyd

13:00: Introduction; Touch in The HandLab (Holmes NP)
13:08: Introducing Andy Bremner (Bremner AJ)
13:16: Introducing Touch in the Body Eyes and Movement Lab (Poliakoff E)
13:24: Introducing Francis McGlone (McGlone FP)
13:32: Introducing Hannes Saal (Saal HP)
13:40: Introducing Donna Lloyd (Lloyd DM)
Lecture Theatre, A01
14:00SymposiumTopics in the development of touch: Dr Giulia Orioli

14:00: Tactile expectation in peripersonal space in infancy (Orioli G)
14:15: Body representations in mirror-touch synaesthesia (Bowling N)
14:30: Developmental changes in sensory integration underlying body ownership (Greenfield KM, Ropar D)
14:45: Force production during tactile exploration (Loomes A, Roberts R)
Lecture Theatre, A01
15:00KeyNoteLarge Area Conformable E-Skin: Professor Ravinder Dahiya

Lecture Theatre, A01
15:45Posters & tea

Social Space, A22
16:15SymposiumTopics in Engineering: Yuyang Wei

16:15: Tactile sensing of human hand (modelling, simulation, & measurement), & biologically inspired tactile sensor design (Wei Y)
16:30: Mechano-tactile haptic feedback system for 3D printed, body-powered prostheses (She G)
16:45: Design of a novel multi-functional tactile sensor (Chen Y)
17:00: Bionic hand design and optimisation (Yang H)
Lecture Theatre, A01
17:15KeyNoteAlternative hand representation: Dr Tamar Makin

Lecture Theatre, A01
18:00Posters & winePostersSocial Space, A22
19:00Evening meal & networking event

The Hemsley, University of Nottingham

Friday 26th July, 2019

09:00MeetingOrganisers' meeting:

Lecture Theatre, A01
09:30IntroductionDelphi consensus update: Dr Nicholas Paul Holmes

Delphi consensus update (Holmes, NP)
Lecture Theatre, A01
10:00SymposiumTopics in somatosensory plasticity and touch perception: Dr Harriet Dempsey-Jones

10:00: TBC (Edmonson LR)
10:15: TBC (Muret D-A)
10:30: Dissociable effects of temporary input loss on tactile perception and learning (Harriet Dempsey-Jones, Andreas Themistocleus, Davide Carone, Tammy Ng, Vanessa Harrar, & Tamar Makin)
10:45: TBC (Macchione S)
Lecture Theatre, A01
11:00Posters & tea

Social Space, A22
11:30KeyNoteMicroneurography: Dr Rochelle Ackerley

Lecture Theatre, A01
12:15SymposiumTopics in microneurography of touch: Adarsh Makdani

12:15: Microneurography (TBC) (Makdani A)
12:30: Ultrasound-guided, open-source microneurography (Dunham JP)
12:45: Microneurography (TBC) (Marshall A)
13:00: TBC (Valyear K)
Lecture Theatre, A01
13:15Posters, Lunch, & ExhibitorsDancer Design: Chris Dancer

Social Space, A22
14:15KeyNoteSensory coding: Dr Rasmus Petersen

Lecture Theatre, A01
15:00SymposiumTopics in sensory coding in touch: Malamati Bitzidou

15:00: Sensory coding (TBC) (Bitzidou M)
15:15: Neural coding principles of sensory perception and learning revealed by multiplane 2-photon imaging in somatosensory cortex (Panniello M, Zenke F, Rowland JM, Chong E, Kohl MM)
15:30: Investigating tactile discrimination learning in mice (Pacchiarini N, Honey RC, Fox KD )
15:45: Sensory coding (TBC) (Colins A)
Lecture Theatre, A01